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A Partial Client List:

  • AIG Insurance
  • Atlantic Coast Airlines
  • Colgan Air
  • Cooling and Herbers LLP
  • CRA consulting
  • Dynamic Aviation
  • Fleming, Zulack, Williamson, and Zauderer, LLP
  • International Air Response
  • Kolczynski Law Firm
  • Marine Spill Response Corporation
  • Mooney Aircraft
  • Sands Anderson Marks and Miller LLP
  • T.Y.Lin Internatiobnal
  • United Airlines

AOS Principals and Consultants have successfully developed, implemented, and managed programs for a host of aviation industry challenges including:

  • Safety
  • Human Factors in Aviation
  • Maintenance/Flight Operations oversight for IATA/FAA/ICAO Regulatory compliance
  • Effective Leadership
  • A Startup Airline
  • Critical decision making
  • Teamwork/Technical and Professional Development
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Creation of an aviation program for oil spill dispersion  read more... view pictures...
  • Air Traffic Control/Airspace Design & Modernization

The Aviation Operations Solutions Professionals apply their skills and experience in these areas, specifically to Civil Aviation authorities in developing economies as well as to mature international operators.

AOS Principals and Consultants have served as:

  • Chief Pilots
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Flight Examiners
  • Aviation Security
  • Accident Investigators
  • Program Developers & Managers
  • Director of Maintenance
  • Director of Operations
  • Aviation Expert Witness
  • Airspace Design & Modernization

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Professional Adaptability

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Mr. Del Haney
United Airlines (Retired)
Click here to view Del Haney’s complete resume.

Mr. Del Haney began his aviation career with United Airlines where he worked for 41 years before his retirement. After retirement he worked an additional 3 years as a consultant for United. As a consultant he was given a mandate to significantly improve a poorly performing maintenance department at United's international hub at Dulles airport. After successfully completing this his responsibility was extended to improve station operations on-time departure performance, communications and teamwork.

He later joined 2 airfreight and passenger charter operators as Maintenance Manager and Director of Maintenance.

Del has a BA in business administration and economics. He holds an Airframe and Power plant license and is qualified on the B 727, B 737, B-747, B 767, B 757, B 777, DC 10 and MD 11 aircraft. He participated in the B 767 extended operations (ETOPS) certification, the B 777 proving runs and worked with Aeronautical Radio Inc. to establish and implement procedures for extended range and RVSM operations.

During his lengthy career Del received numerous awards including; Department of Transportation Department of the Air Force Air Mobility Command Airline Pilots Association International Association of Machinist Flight Operations Best of the Best-United Airlines Leadership Excellence Several awards of merit.

Del’s great penchant in life is the challenge and satisfaction of turning around a poorly performing operation through demonstrated Total Quality Control leadership, motivation, communication, training, and team building.

Captain Roy Liggett
United Airlines (Retired)

Click here to view Captain Roy Liggett’s complete resume.

Captain Roy Liggett began flying in 1957 and attended Embry Riddle University where he received advanced flight ratings while studying aeronautical engineering. In 1963 he became a flight instructor in the ROTC flight program at Auburn University and studied Aviation Management. He designed and implemented the first ground school program at Auburn and taught many of the first courses.

In 1966 he joined United Airlines as a pilot and has flown the DC-6, B-737, B-727 and B-777 in domestic and international operations. In 1991 he became a Standards Captain in United's flight training center and was a designated examiner for the B-737 as well as a Line Check Airman. He was a member of the team that developed United's first Central American operation and flew many of the inaugural flights and qualified many of the first check airmen into the region.

In 1993 he became a Flight Manager and in 1998 he was selected Chief Pilot for the Washington D.C. crew base. Here he managed 1300 pilots and was responsible for flight operations at the 3 Washington area airports. Due to the large number of international flights at United's Dulles airport he has interacted with many foreign aviation authorities. At United he received numerous awards including in 2001 the Tower Of Dulles award. He was trained in Harassment in the Work Place, EEOC compliance, and Americans with Disabilities Act. He has conducted numerous investigations into aviation incidents as well as those involving EEOC, ADA etc. He completed the University Of Southern California course on Designing Effective Organizations.

In 2001 Captain Liggett retired from United after 35 years but was called out of retirement for a month following September 11 to represent the Flight Operations division of United at the Flight 93 crash site in Pennsylvania.

Captain Liggett has accumulated over 16000 hours and has flown more than 50 aircraft types. He has an Airline Transport Pilot rating as well as a Flight Engineer and Flight Instructor ratings and flies his own airplane for pleasure.

He has represented the Air Line Pilots Association on their accident investigation team and has served on several committees for the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics. He also serves as the Office Manager for our firm.

AOS Relevant Technical Experience and Skills:


Our personnel have a wealth of experience and expertise gained over the past 50 years – a direct result of careers in numerous different and responsible positions with the commercial airlines, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Air Force. Our staff has experience in the airside (the cockpit and the vehicle), the ground side (facilities and the airspace management systems) and the regulatory side (policies, regulations, safety, security, etc). Our careers have included numerous tours in the FAA Technical Centers (Atlantic City, New Jersey, Oklahoma), FAA HQ in Washington, D.C., the military command and control systems, the airline operations and the airline maintenance and repair. Our people have been responsible for the research, development and acquisition of infrastructure, major surveillance, navigation and landing systems, assessing acquisition strategies and systems, evaluating new technologies and managing acquisition, evaluation and technical implementation organizations. We have maintained and modified airplanes – and the facilities required to support them. Our people are specialists, experienced and ‘hands-on’ technical and managerial experts that when called upon, provide smoothly functioning projects and organizations.



Mr. Taras (Terry) Bura is a requirements analyst, writer, and as a result of his career experience, an airspace management technical team member and contributor. Taras’s main tasks are requirements gathering, survey procedures, processes and reports, compiling and producing all deliverables and reviewing Air Space Management Modernization current state and the modernization requirements. Taras is also experienced in financial investment and economic analysis and technical and industrial product evaluation.

As a technical resource he has over 25 years experience in military and civilian aircraft, airports and air traffic control systems and procedures, including aviation systems, en-route systems, airport systems, NAVAIDs and other surveillance systems. He has performed feasibility, cost benefit, business requirement and risk evaluation studies of systems with respect to operations, security and functionality, management and remediation and performed contingency planning, system conversion and implementation. As a member of the Air Force he was the Configuration Manager of software and hardware systems for the mid 1980s North American Aerospace Defense (NORAD) Region Operations Control Center (ROCC) Modernization Project and later the ground surveillance systems manager for the Air Modernization Program in North America, where he was a coordinating and implementing manager for the North Warning System ground surveillance system – the replacement for the Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line along North America’s Arctic Littoral. He is skilled in directing and managing major technical/Systems Integration and communications projects and has specific experience with new technology including biometric and intrusion surveillance, security and detection systems.

Airport Infrastructure Support/Airport Civil Engineer:

Mr. Mauricio Gutierrez is a Senior Civil Airport Engineer with 24 years of experience in airport planning and design as well as project and task management. Educated at the University of Kansas, Mr. Gutierrez has extensive experience and expertise in the airport and air transportation sector in Latin America, including direct experience in Iquique and Puerto Montt airports in Chile. Other Latin America and Caribbean experience includes Cartagena and Cali International Airports, Columbia, Ramón Villeda Morales Airport in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Juan Santamaria Airport, San José, Costa Rica, Jorge Chávez Airport, Lima, Peru, Rosario International Airport, Argentina and airports in St. Lucia and Aruba. He has lead workshops and made presentations in Latin American Airport Planning and Design, Safety Conferences and Aviation infrastructure workshops. Mr. Gutierrez will be available to assist in the site evaluations, environmental assessments, NAVAIDS and electronics equipment site selection plans, facility requirements and conceptual plans. He also has experience in the development of capital costs and financing strategies.

Airspace Management Systems:

Mr. Charles R. (Chuck) Reavis is a dedicated aviation expert and professional with more than 45 years of experience in the aviation field.  Mr. Reavis was employed for 33 years with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the field of air traffic control, five years in the United States Air Force Security Service and almost six years with Booz Allen Hamilton in McLean, Virginia.  Mr. Reavis has extensive expertise in air traffic control, air traffic field facility management, airspace design and management, aviation environmental studies including experience with the NEPA process, international and oceanic aviation including work with ICAO, IATA, NATO and other international organizations, air traffic flow management, and  extensive working knowledge of the FAA headquarters, regions and field organizations.

Raytheon Technical Services Company - Air Traffic Control Optimum Training Solution
Washington Consulting Group – ATC Subject Matter Expert
Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. -  Aviation Safety Reporting System
Booz Allen Hamilton – Runway Safety
Booz Allen Hamilton – Traffic Management/Departure Spacing Program
Booz Allen Hamilton – International Aviation Operations
Booz Allen Hamilton – Aviation Environmental Analysis
Booz Allen Hamilton – Aviation Subject Matter Expertise

Federal Aviation Administration
FAA – Field and Regional Facilities
FAA - Headquarters
FAA – International
FAA – Environmental

Electronics and NAVAIDs Engineer/Air Traffic Specialist:

Mr. Robert Edwards - A total of thirty five years in the aviation industry, primarily in the maintenance and engineering arena, the last twenty years working for UK carriers based in the USA in senior management positions. In 2005 he launched his own aviation consulting company, Tech One, conducting technical, quality and safety related projects for direct clients and larger consulting companies.

In addition he conducts safety audits on behalf of IATA for a US based audit organization and on behalf of IBAC as an IS-BAO qualified auditor.

CAA Aircraft Maintenance Engineers license (UK)
FAA Airframe and Power Plant Certificate (US)
Consulting Experience

Conducting aircraft inspections, records audits and asset management programs on behalf of various financial institutions and leasing companies.  Conducting airline safety assessments either directly for the airline or on behalf of interested financial investment corporations.  Designing and presenting IOSA awareness training courses.  Assisting companies with FAA and EASA 145 certification applications, including the composition and preparation of all required manuals and documentation. IATA Operational Safety Audit Experience (IOSA)

Conducting IATA Operational Safety Audits for many USA and international airlines worldwide for a US based accredited IATA Audit Organization.

IOSA Qualifications and Authorizations

  • Maintenance and Engineering MNT
  • Organization and Management ORG
  • Cabin Operations CAB
  • Cargo Operations CGO
  • Ground Handling GRH
  • Operational Security SEC

Qualified IS-BAO Auditor to conduct safety audits for Part 135 operators

Meteorologist and Climatologist:

Dr. Branscome holds a Ph.D. in meteorology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a B.S. in Meteorology from Florida State University. He taught meteorology at the graduate level at the University of Miami for several years and has published many technical articles on weather and climate. These include Atmospheric Dynamics, Climate Process, Fog Formation Process, Aviation Meteorology, Windstorms, Forensic Meteorology and more.

Dr. Branscome has served on the National Research Council’s Climate Research Committee, as chairman of the Board of Certified Consulting Meteorologists of the American Meteorology Society and as president of the National Council of Industrial Meteorologist.

Dr. Branscome  has testified in numerous court cases involving aviation, marine, tropical and severe weather. Examples include Korean Airlines crash in Guam, the U.S. Air Force crash in Croatia, the American Airlines accident in Columbia and the American Eagle accident near Roselawn, Indiana.

Dr. Branscome has provided climatological analysis for for airport de-icing facilities and worked for the U.S. Department of Transportation on issues related to climate change and transportation. He is frequently asked by U.S. federal agencies for advice on the management of weather and climate data and services and their impact on the private sector.

Among his awards are the NASA-ASEE Summer Faculty Fellowship, Carl Gustav Rossby Award for most outstanding Ph.D. thesis submitted to M.I.T. Department of Meteorology and more.


  • Outstanding Support Award – US AIR FORCE
  • Leadership Excellence Award for Systems Improvements – UNITED AIRLINES
  • Appreciation of Service Award – US AIR MOBILITY COMMAND
  • Tower of Dulles (Airport) Award for Continuous Service Improvement – UNITED AIRLINES
  • Teamwork Award for Excellence in Flight Safety – AIRLINE PILOTS ASSOCIATION (ALPA)
  • Accident Investigator – AIRLINE PILOTS ASSOCIATION (ALPA)

With over 90 years of combined hands-on experience the AOS Principals are uniquely suited to provide your organization with the right solution, and to help you keep sight of your “operational goals”.

Why Choose AOS?